Blacky B. (real name Mariano Berardini) was born in Naples on July 27, 1974, from an early age his life is marked by music. He spent his childhood, playing subbuteo and playing music on the dad's turntable. At 13 years explode passion for sounds arriving from London (acid house) and New York (rap), parents give him two turntables and mixer so begins to become familiar with the console, later, his attention is focused on Chicago and Detroit . Rap, house and techno, will remain in the years its landmarks. In the spring of '92 leave turntables and mixer, to explore his passion for music, began to listen to everything and begins to attend one of the social centers of its city (Naples): OFFICINA99, was impressed by 99Posse and Almamegretta.
In those years, meets some people who formed the neapolitan's rap underground scene: Domasan, 'Nto, Lucariello. The craving for try and understand the music led him to discover a record store in his district, he meets Diego (KrAtOS) and Paul, with them in the summer of '96 creates a music project: ΞΥΝΑΨΙΣ, a sound hybrid, industrial, electro, dub, the project does not take off it remains only a tape collecting dust. Friendship with Lucariello him to be part of VentoDiVino, a project created by the same Lucariello, the line-up consists of two mc and Blacky B. VentoDiVino course, even as was in fashion at the time called themselves: triphop. With VentoDiVino plays in two evenings in a mini festival dedicated to emerging bands, organized by OFFICINA99 among the participating bands there are also 24Grana.
After a short met Maurizio and together create a hip hop project: "Funghi Ladri" money is few and play with a synthesizer lent by friends, with Maurizio produces various beats, the experience not last long. So a few years later they meets again with KrAtOS and after many sleepless nights, spent between the monitor of a pentium, drum machines and risked a complaint for disturbing the peace at night, born MassInternalStandHarD, productions of minimal 4/4, he began working with the first software, together produce a demo (rare): Nacth Hart Nacth Napule, a sort of electro-techno. MassInternalStandHardD will be the first projects electro-Neapolitan to appear on Vitaminic. Together they create a sound very varied and KrAtOS also turns out to be in line with the electro sound of those years. One of the main influences: Orbital, Underworld, Leftfield, Scorn, these 4 rimanarranno over the years (still today) for their two points the reference above of any fashion.

Over the years, for the second time their part ways, Blacky B. begins to produce music independently. In those years, the work brings KrAtOS in Greece and Blacky B. in Rome and then in Bari, they work far and each to their own ideas and is at this time that after several attempts with various projects never took off, Blacky B. begins to have the clear idea of working on an album, without imposing any limit of genre: dub, techno, house, hiphop, there must be all in what he does. Between 2007 and 2009 using the forum of Dj Gruff, meet online other producers for most of hiphop and takes part in a project exclusively online: LooperatorItaliani: produce loops on which to freestyle scratch.
Still producing loops on his own, until he found with 16 loops, so he creates the looper: Slurp. The initial idea was to evolve individually each of the 16 loops, but in reality it will work only on one: the loop 8 of the looper, and that is how create the track Slurp 08. In the summer of 2012, continuously influenced by the music he

hears, Blacky B. resumes contact with KrAtOS they decide the re-birth of the ΞΥΝΑΨΙΣ project, producing two tracks: "Mystical Synthesis" and RDM (Rural Dub Mantra). In September 2012 Blacky B. and Danny Boy give life to a new project: OKIDNA currently with only the production of Geish-a. The summer was very productive, and so Blacky B. finally decides to end the work begun years before to release an album.

December 2012 is all set for the album, work dedicated to his friend D.RaD. (R.I.P.) dubmaster of Almamegretta, the album is entitled "Dub Knob", 6 of January 2013 released the album on Bandcamp and later, on February 17, Dast Record.